Bay Ridge Range, in cooperation with Safety Quest Limited, is offering four 16-hour courses in 2022.  The price is $350 per class (2 days).

Space is limited – please follow instructions below to register.

The class is conducted by Safety Quest Limited at Bay Ridge Range. Safety Quest’s website is

To register, please contact Safety Quest directly at 631-876-5438  Monday through Friday from 10 :00 am to 4:00 pm.  You can also fill out our information form and you will be contacted to schedule the class.

All courses must be paid in Advanced or the spot will not be reserved. All deposits are non-refundable.   If the person can not attend the course they paid for, we will switch that person to another date free of charge.
Any Questions or problems please call Roland Grant, Director of Training, at 516-446-0127 (cell).
Request to be Contacted
What you will need for the course:
  • Handgun

  • Outside the waistband (OWB) holster

  • At least two magazines (for semi-automatic pistols)

  • Fifty rounds of ammunition

  • New York State-issued Driver License

  • New York City pistol license